Sunday, December 23, 2007

Resize or crop photo without photo editor or download any program

I have always used the very good and free (donation welcomed but not compulsory) Irfanview photo editor to resize photos, screenshots, other images. I have even used it as an aid to resize Youtube video to fit into the width of blog posts (main column), and also for sidebar.

But you don't want to download programs, but still want to resize photos. Go to Online Image Resizer. Nothing to download. All done online. Just click BROWSE and locate the image saved in your computer you want to resize.

online photo resizer entry form

There are various alternatives to resize the image. You can enter the width (in pixels) you want your image to be resized to. Leave the height alone to preserve the aspect ration constant (keep image undistorted). Other alternative to to enter the height and leave the width alone. If you enter both, you will get exactly what you input, but if you entered the wrong figures, your image will be distorted (aspect ratio changed). You can also rotate the image if necessary. Once you are ready, just click OKAY and your resized image will appear with a dotted box.

resized image with Online Image Resizer

If you are satisfied with the image as it is, just right-click on the mouse outside the dotted box (for cropping) and select "Save" and save the resized image into your computer.

You may also crop the image if you want to. Hover your mouse over the dotted box and drag it to the part you want to crop. If you want to change the size of the dotted box, press the shift key and the left button of the mouse simultaneously, and the cursor will change to a double arrow head (see image at the left). Just drag the mouse until you get the size you want to crop and click the "Crop it" button at the top of the image. (note: I had no success as when I did that, I got the error message "404 not found!. Error file does not exist!. Select an image 1st. Please go back and try again!". Reason: "Please note that the crop option only works with DHTML enabled browsers!" So looks like my browser is not DHTML enabled)

Looks like I will stick to my trusty old Irfanview photo editor. This Online Image Resizer offers no real advantage and is not interesting to me.