Tuesday, March 20, 2007

5 Tips When Choosing Multiple Domain Hosting

5 Tips When Choosing Multiple Domain Hosting
by: Ricky Lim

If you have or are planning to have several domains running on the web, then you should consider getting a multiple domain hosting. Multiple domain hosting allows you to host several domains under a single hosting plan. Most web hosting companies call it shared hosting.

The main advantage of multiple domain hosting is it helps to consolidate all your domains under one hosting plan. It makes domain management a breeze. It also makes it easier to modify any settings since you are doing it from the same control panel.

Here are a few tips you might want to bear in mind when looking a shared hosting service.

Hard Disk Space

Nowadays most shared web hosting plans provide more than enough disk space to satisfy your needs. It is important you know before hand how much disk space your web site will be using not just currently but projected 6 months, 1 year and 2 years down the road.

Some web applications requires more disk space than others. One example are file hosting sites. Also remember to check the cost of upgrading your disk space in case you need one. Most web hosting providers charge on a per GB basis.


Most web hosting providers cap a limit on each hosting plan’s bandwidth. Check to make sure it provides sufficient bandwidth for your current websites and also room for growth. Most web hosting providers will charge you on a per GB basis for exceeded bandwidth.

The speed is also important for websites. No one wants to visit a website that loads slowly. File hosting and video sites for example requires an acceptable speed in order to deliver file download or streaming video.

Number of Domains Allowed

Some web hosting limit the number of domains for each hosting plan. It is best to get one with unlimited domains so you have to worry about the limit.

Emails/FTP accounts

You probably will need separate email accounts for each domain you have. Most web hosting services provide webbased or as well outlook based email accounts. Preferably try to get one that has unlimited email/ftp accounts.

Ease of control panel

With many domains, emails, ftp accounts etc to manage, it is important that the control panel is easy to use and all information can be accessed easily. Most web hosting services provide cpanel. Some web hosting services do use their own customised control panel. A good example is godaddy.

Whichever control panel you are using, familiarize yourself with the interface and get used to it as fast as possible.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

How to get out a cork inside a bottle

If a cork is inside a bottle, just how can we get it out? Well, if you want the answer, just watch the video:

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I think therefore I am

I think therefore I am
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Testing blogging direct from flickr as part of preparation for this post Adding images to your Blogger post

Also, hoping the cartoon will help creat environmental awareness. Hope you will visit Enviroman Says. And while the cartoon copyrighted, you are free for you to use, but a link back to my blogs will be required.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Planning an advertising campaign in London? Before embarking on one, it is wise to check directories first

Are you or your company planning an advertising campaign in London? Here is a good tip. Do some research first. Find out more about the resources that is available to you. A good place to start researching online is London Advertising Directory.

You can find over 900 links in London Advertising Directory organised into 12 categories -
Advertising Agencies
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Graphic and Related Services
Marketing Consultants, etc.
Replication Services
Direct Marketing
Interactive Advertising & Related
Photography and Related Services
Signage & Promotion Related Services

which are further organised into sub-categories. With this wide choice of services availble for you to research online, I am sure you can find what you need for your advertising campaign.