Monday, January 29, 2007

How to get rid of tea stains

Got a good tip from my daughter yesterday on how to get rid of tea stains.


My nickname on the net is enviroman and my first blog is Enviroman Says. I am retired and glued to the computer most of the time. Occassionally I take a break from the computer and walk around the house or drink Chinese tea. It is supposed to be healthy (see English tea is a healthier drink than water). Now I have told my family to reserve one particular mug for me, so no one else uses it except myself, and it is mainly used to drink tea or water. I see no need to use dishwashing liquid to wash it as I believe a good rinse with water is good enough. After all, no one else except me uses it. Furthermore, by doing this, I don't add to the pollution of the drains and the rivers and an added bonus is I save some dish washing liquid plus some money. However, the result is that the mug is stained with tea stain. I see no harm in it though. It is only tea stain and should not have any effect on my health.

Tip: Getting rid of tea stains

My daughter told the maid to soak the mug with salt water for one day, then wash it. Sure enough, this morning, I saw the mug is snow white - no tea stain.